Transforming interaction coefficients in odds ratio (logistic regression)

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First of all, sorry for my english, I am not english mother tongue. Second, sorry for my stats knowledge, I'm not a statistician :p

Could you please help me solve this problem?
I have a logistic regression model and I want to interpret, in terms of odds ratios, the estimated coefficients of an interaction.
I know that the transformation is not straightforward and that I have to make some calculations on my estimated coefficients before exponentiating to obtain odds ratios.

My goal would be to learn how to do it not only in this particular case, but also in other models.

I'll give you the values in the attached image (R output)

I hope someone of you will be so kind to help me :) :wave:


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I am not english mother tongue.
That is fine as long as you use the international lanuage of smiley faces :)

Can you provide the code used to generate this? Are the terms in the interactions continuous or categorical? What transformation do you need to make besides exponentiating beta coefficients from the logistic model.
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Well, I understand that when dealing with interactions you need to sum up betas of interaction with single coefficients before exponentiating... is that correct?
The terms of interaction are both categorical, level of education attained and a dummy variable native born/foreigner

This is the code: