Triadic Theory

Triadic Theory

. Provide a brief overview of this mental illness. Discuss how Triadic Theory would likely describe the cause of this illness. What would a therapist, employing this approach in his or her practice, suggest as a possible treatment for this disorder? Do you think that this theory is more appropriate for the diagnosis and treatment of some disorders, more than others?


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Why do you post this question to a STATISTICS forum?
Seemingly, you rather should ask all this a clincal psychologist.

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My training's mostly in clinical psych... but I have no idea what the answer to this question is (never heard of a triadic theory of depression; perhaps it's meant to be about Beck's cognitive triad?). Similarly mystified about what this question's doing here though. Meshelle, you seem to making quite a few posts that aren't about statistics. This is a statistics forum. The questions you're posting should really be directed at your psychology teacher - or better yet, do some reading and googling on your own. Nothing like some independent learning. :)