Trying to calculate Prize Odds

am currently trying to come up with the odds on picking a perfect fantasy football lineup.

I see has a challenge of picking a perfect NFL Fantasy football lineup and you win 1 Million dollars I am trying to figure out the true odds mathematically.

Can someone please help.

To get a perfect lineup you need to pick the top scorer in 9 different positions each position has at least 32 people to pick from. To make this more realistic, I would say that people only pick from a pool of around 8-10 players per group.

So what would the odds be and how do I calculate it.

9 positions and 8-10 players per positions. I have to pick everyone right to win the million?




Omega Contributor
Don't worry someone will come along and correct me, but I think it would be 1/10 x 1/10 x 1/10 x,... for a total of nine times. Given everything is random. Though, probabilities are my achilles heel.