Trying to replicate SAS Proc Logistic Code in SPSS or R

I am an inexperienced user on R and mostly use SPSS for any statistical analysis. Recently I have been working at trying to replicate work done using the SAS PROC LOGISTIC command to create a mortality indicator model.
I have tried all the logistic models available in SPSS but cannot get the model to converge. The reason for this problem, I am led to believe, is because the logistic models in SPSS do not have the model fitting options RIDGING and NO CHECK available to the user. These are present as options within SAS and seem to be the reason that the models converge there.
I would like to know if a model with the above options is available in SPSS and if not, is there a package in R which emulates the PROC LOGISTIC command from SAS.
I appreciate that there may be an obvious answer to this but again, I'm afraid I am relatively new to this field!
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.