Two mediators (serial mediation)

Dear all,

I am writing my master thesis and really need help with one issue.

I am investigating the following serial mediation (so 2 mediators working in a row)

Empathy --> interactional justice --> recovery satisfaction --> WOM Intention

I worked with PROCESS and my results seem strange to me.

PROCESS indicates the indirect effect of the double Mediation. Since bootstraps do not include zero, it is significant. This seems logical to me because all single paths are also significant.

The direct effect of empathy on WOM Intention is 0.307 and significant (this is path c and is named as total effect by PROCESS).

What is strange now: The direct effect of empathy on WOM Intention (c', so when Moderators are considered) is -0.362 and also significant.

I thought that partial Mediation exist when c' is smaller than c. This is not the case. However, PROCESS indicates the Mmdiation as significant... and further: How could it be that it is negative now?

Thanks to eyerone who takes time to help me. THANKS!!! :)