Two-way ANOVA interpretation help

Hi there!
I need to write an essay for uni and I was asked to do a two-way ANOVA on a set of continuous data using graphpad prism 8.
However, although I understand the principle behind a two-way ANOVA, I'm struggling to interpret the results that graphpad prism has given me.
ANOVA results.jpeg

My guess is that I need to focus on the section labelled at "source of variation" specifically the row talking about "interaction". In this case the columns were treatments added (i.e. no treatment, control and drug treatment), while the rows were cell types (cell a and cell b).

This is what I'm thinking I need to do:
Since the "interaction" P value is low, I need to look at the column and row factor.
Looking at the column and row factor I can see that the column factor is significant, so "the treatment has an effect that is statistically significant"?.
The row factor however is not statistically significant so "the response is the same for each cell type"?

If my thinking process is correct what would the overall conclusion be? Is it "The treatment has an effect that is statistically significant"?
What would the overall conclusion be if for example: interaction and column factor were shown to be insignificant, but row factor was shown to be significant? "The response is different for each cell type"?
Or am I overthinking it, and I just need to look at "interaction" and can say "ANOVA shows that the differences in the data are significant/not significant"?

Apologies for the long question and if anything doesn't make sense.