Two way Anova+post hoc tests plz help


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I have three treatment groups I II &III, i tested rate of wound healing in the three gps vs several variables using the two way anova ,gender (male&female),type (acute&chronic),location (upper limb &lower),age (age<40&age>40).
the interaction group rate of healing vs type (acute and chronic) was the only significant interaction
others: group vs gender, gp vs location and gp vs age, gave non significant interaction.

1) Do i have to do post hoc test for the non significant interaction??
2) what type tukey or schaffe?

there was significant difference between type groups (acute vs chronic), age groups(<40 vs >40) and location groups(upper vs lower), while the gender(male vs female) had no significant difference between the groups

3) is there any further test to be done (ex post hoc one way anova) or these findings are enough

please help and thank you