Types of interactions


I am stuggling to find the right words for the statistical terms I would like to look up. Hope, you can help :)

I am looking at a higher order construct (organizational climate), which manifests in eight dimensions. I am interested in elaborating how these dimensions interact and what consequences it bears to the construct of org. climate. For instance, the dimensions could: 1) substitute one another (that is the higher the scores are on one, the weaker the effect of another dimension on organizational climate will be); 2) strenghten one another (that is the higher the score on one, the higher effect of another one will be on the org. climate), or 3) complementing one another (no change in effect of one dimension on org. climate depending on other dimension).

What are the right terms for these interactions? What types of the interactions am I looking at?



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I have not done anything in this area, but have you gone through the component analysis literature as well?