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Ok, so I can't install windows 7 because apprently there are missing drivers. Not to worry, I found my XP disk.

Now, here is the thing: The Ecologist, you mentioned virtual box, which I have downloaded and it looks pretty easy to operate. But I am wondering, If I have virtual box, there is no need to dual boot, is there?

Any opinions on the pros and cons of dual booting versus just running xp in vitual box? (bearing in mind, that I will use XP just for PS lightroom and compatibility with non-linux folk). IS one method more efficient than the other?



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There wouldn't necessarily be a need to dual boot if you had a virtual box. That's one of the pros of the virtual box - you don't have to deal with getting the dual boot to work (which isn't too bad but can be more of a hassle). Another pro is that you can set the virtual machine to only take up as much room on your system as it actually is using. With a dual boot you would have to set up the partitions so that Windows gets X amount of space and Linux gets Y amount of space. With the virtual box you have Z amount of space and both just take memory from Z as they need it.

A disadvantage is that a dual boot will actually be faster than using a virtual box (because things will be running natively instead of on a virtual machine running natively).