Unbelievable response from the Toyota customer care team. Key problem- locksmith?

On my way back home, I had to stop the car and step out to take a call. When I got done, I realized that I had locked myself out. I had the number to the customer services. I tried calling them, but to no response. I had to spend the night at a friends house, because my house keys are in there too. Now, I can’t get into my car or house. Is calling a locksmith a safe option?


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Locksmiths are fine, but not as awesome as hlsmiths. Just don't call the Ghostbusters unless the car is possessed.
Its a safer option than breaking the windows to get it.

One suggestion in the future is put a spare house and car key in your wallet. Of course you have to be careful then, not to leave the wallet in your car....[which is what I commonly do].


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I never go to a dealer for anything except for parts that are only available from a dealer. I try not to give them my VIN, either.

A Slim Jim costs much less than a locksmith, but where to keep it? Examine the interior of a junk yard door for your make & model to see how best to use this tool.


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So, you find talkstats, go to the trouble of registering and then your first post is about calling a locksmith. :eek:

In all my time in this community (and its been some time) this has to be the weirdest first post I have ever seen.

Nice job Makhimckenzie, hope to hear more from you!

And now I'm seeing hyperlinks to locksmths?? I need a lie down.