understanding population from sample


I am struggling with a problem and do not know how I should approach it. Can you please provide some suggestions?

I had gone to a baseball game with my son, where I bought him a packet of M&Ms. While eating the candy, my son asked me which color most of the M&Ms are. First I just wanted to tell him that each of the colors have an equal number of M&Ms, but then I decided to do an experiment. I asked to me to randomly take out 10 M&Ms from the packet, without replacing them back. We had the following sample.

Br Br Br Br Y Y R O O G

Where, Br= Brown, Y=Yellow, R=Red, O=Orange, G= Green, B= Blue.
There were six types of M&Ms in that bag of 150gms.
I assumed that there were be around 150 M&Ms in that packet.

Seeing this, I was not sure what answer to put forward. I asked him to draw one more sample. The second sample was as given below.


Now I was totally confused. I realized that I need to brush up on my probability and stats knowledge. Here are the questions I am struggling with.

1. How can I find which color most of the M&Ms are using the sampling approach?
2. What was wrong in my approach to the problem?
3. What would I need to do if I want to find the proportion of two colors in the packet?
4. How can I calculate the standard deviation of a sample in this kind of experiment?