Unsure which test to use...

Hey there,
I'm unsure which test to use for this experiment I designed (Independent samples t-test, paired samples t-test, one-way ANOVA). Statistics was never my strong point. :(

3 Independent Variables:
(a) Extroversion
(b) Introversion
(c) Leadership

2 Dependent Variables
(a) Score #1
(b) Score #2

Score #1 is independent of Score #2, also, there is no control (a poorly designed experiment, I know). Not really a true experiment though, just looking for correlations.

I'm suspecting that having a high extroversion and high leadership affects Score #1. How do I go about seeing if there is a significant difference?

I'm leaning towards a One-Way ANOVA, Extroversion against Score 1 and Score 2, Introversion against Score 1 and Score 2, and Leadership against Score 1 and Score 2? Can anyone tell me if this is the correct way to go about this?

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You can run a 1 Way MANOVA.

Your "Grouping" Factor, which has 3 levels would be the independent variable. Your two "Scores" would serve as the dependent variables.

SPSS offers this under, Analyze --> General Linear Model --> Multivariate