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I am facing this problem with the Leckert Scale...follows:

data set to be collected - 5 points: SA/A/DoNotKnow/DA/SDA

independent variables are:

assessment structure
e-learning platform
supportive services

hypothesis is that these factors contributing to the effectiveness of the e-learning platform,,,,

Here the effectiveness is the dependent factor.... true...

But I designed data collection to collect datasets about the independent variables only... true...

it is similar problem in this post:


I need to analyse the data using statistical tools like chi-test, Regression and correlation. The problem is hhat how should I do it. Like if I take the 3 independent variables as X1, X2 and X3 and dependent variable as Y, then how shall I analyse the data and the responses.

NOW, you gave response on this issue.... but I can not understand how to use Multiple regression mainly when you say:

"We designed the questionnaire on a 5-scale Likert scale. with strongly agree and strongly disagree at its 2 continums"

what is this exactly, and how can apply multiple regression on it in SPSS, it seems with no M.Reg...I have another application, MedCalc which has it... but yet, I do not know how to input data from the questions.. are they frequencies or means ... or what?

By the way, it is enough to do descriptive statistics with bar graphs???
I think, it is weak... true?

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I am sorry I left the country for a long time and had no computer access. Do you still need help on this question