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:( I have this statistics problem that i must solve as soon as possible.

You have 5 oil paints and 6 water paints. The director of the museum picks an exhibition of 3 oil paints and 4 water paints. How many are the probabilities there are to form the exhibiton.

I will really apprecciate your help
Thanks again
Hi Tik,

Welcome to TS. This is a hypergeometric probability. There are two kinds of paints. You are picking 7 out of 11 in total, 3 of them needs to be oil based. Thus we have:

P = C(5,3)*C(6,4)/C(11,7)

where C(n,m) stands for n choose m.


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Tik, Jin,

Are we looking for a probability distribution here, or do we need to just find the number of possible exhibitions?

If it's just the number, then the answer is slightly different, and is just

C(5,3)*C(6,4) = 150 different possible exhibitions