Urgent help required


I am doing a master research for which I have carried a survey using Likert scale measures.
The study need to determine the impact of home-based working on productivity of workers.

My hypothesis is : "Teleworking (home working) increases the productivity of the workers."

My questions ask for age, gender, domestic circumstances etc from the participants.

It also asks them for their frequency of telework which range from:

Less than 1 day:coded as 1
1-2 days:2
2-3 days: 3
3-4 days: 4
4 or more days: 5

Also there are 5 questions relating to productivity measured on Likert scale of SA (1) TO SD (5):

1) Teleworking increases my work efficiency.
2) I feel I am more productive while I am teleworking
3) I feel less interrupted when I am teleworking.
4) My productivity has increased since I started teleworking.
5) I can do more creative and quality work while I am teleworking

The data is collected for 123 sample.

Which SPSS method should I use to prove my hypothesis? I am really confused. Please help urgent.