URGENT! Reviewing SPSS output

Hi guys, I'm needing help with figuring out my results for logistic regression, I have to get this in to my supervisor in 6 hours and I'm freaking out! I'm sure it'd be easy as pie for someone who knows the basics.. I've never been good with statistics, if anyone is willing to help can you message me your email? Or message me on where you'd like to connect? I'm new to the forum and don't know how to really use it!
I'm willing to pay for an online review! Thank you:)
Hi Dason!

So I've done a logistic regression,
I've got a categorical predictor with two levels (females being my target and males being the reference group) for a continuous outcome variable,

so far, for my notes, in trying to work this out I've written

categorical variable of Sex, there is a 1.147 logit increase (B) in the prediction of problem drinking for Females (target group), with the odds ratio of exB = 3.148 signifying females are 3.148 (3 times) more likely to be problem drinkers than males, but these results fail to be significant (p = .186) with CI’s not being above 1 (CI = .575 to 17.231) meaning as the predictor variable (females) increases, the probability/odds of being a problem-drinker decreases. With the lower CI being below one there is a possibility that the direction of the relationship is the opposite of what we have observed, meaning being female decreases the possibility of being a problem drinker, leaving us with the possibility that males may be more at odds (3.148) of being problem-drinkers – although, we did not receive a significant p value for this.

I don't know if this is the correct way of interpreting this, and I'm not sure if for a categorical variable we put down logits, or logits at all for that matter? I'd been taught to just focus on the odds ratio


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Use odds ratios, if interval includes 1 you fail to show a difference between genders. It is that simple. Let us know if you have any more questions!