USE of SPSS AMOS for Analyzing SEM data

Dear all,
I am carrying out a research which has to do with Structural Equations Modeling (SEM) of the effect of socioeconomic factors on the prevalence of malaria. I am trying to use SPSS AMOS in my analysis of the data which has the following variables and levels (in brackets): Age(7), residence(2), zone(6), Education(4) and wealth(5). Each of these interact with knowledge in the management and prevention of malaria expressed in the following variables: malaria symptoms(10), perceived causes of malaria(6), people most likely to be affected(6), ways to avoid malaria(10), ways that pregnant women can avoid getting malaria(6), malaria treatment(7), exposure to malaria prevention messages(13) and sources of exposure to the messages(11).
I coded my secondary data into SPSS but having problems with getting the correct path diagrams, the path diagrams using the SPSS data file to analyse. Can someone kindly help me move on please. What's the way out of this juncture please?