UseR! Conference: Anyone know what I am getting into??

I go to a couple of marine ecology conferences each year, so I know what to expect from those but this is a mesh of statistics and programing... so I have no idea what I am getting into. Any regular attendees? Previous attendees? Words of wisdom? If asked to join a group at a bar do I need to reply with a confidence interval?


p.s., I'm new, I'll do an intro across the board in a little while.


Cookie Scientist
I've never been to one of the meetings, but my understanding is that it is a conference by hardcore R enthusiasts, for hardcore R enthusiasts ("UseRs"). Not, as the name might suggest to some, a conference on convincing people to Use R who do not already Use R.
I'm definitely an R enthusiast. I'll be developing a package this summer to implement an empirical model for my dissertation so I'm hoping to pick up some of those techniques. I'm more curious about the atmosphere, is it laid back, formal, that sort of thing?