using Mann Whitney

I am trying to analyze a survey that asked students to respond to questions e.g. “In my opinion, the economic system in the US leads to an unfair distribution of income” by indicating their opinion using a Likert scale. The number of respondents are 280. The answers are broken down by gender. Looking at the answers for a question, when using vassarstat online, the mean rank for sample A and B are also returned (130.9 for A; and 156 for B) when the result is significant at p < .05. Can I use this to indicate that in group B higher % of students answered agree and strongly agreed ( agree=4; strongly agree=5) with the statement posed?

Looking at the more detailed statistics calculated by
Result Details

Sample 1
Sum of ranks: 22648.5
Mean of ranks: 130.92
Expected sum of ranks: 24306.5
Expected mean of ranks: 140.5
U-value: 10913.5
Expected U-value: 9255.5

Sample 2
Sum of ranks: 16691.5
Mean of ranks: 156
Expected sum of ranks: 15033.5
Expected mean of ranks: 140.5
U-value: 7597.5
Expected U-value: 9255.5

Do I need to report the U values?
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