Using ProQOL Questionnaire for Project

I'm using the Professional Quality of Life Survey Version 5 to measure compassion fatigue in a population for my master's project in nursing.

The official manual for use states to convert raw scores into t-scores and then to use cut-off scores to see if participants are at high, normal, or low risk for three variables in measuring compassion fatigue. However, the manual also has cut-off scores for raw scores alone.

When analyzing the data, the levels of compassion fatigue for the raw data are very different than the levels of compassion fatigue when using t-scores.

I have looked at other research that has been published and it looks like half use t-scores and half use raw scores when analyzing data (and some do not specify).

I'm not sure how to proceed. Should I use t-scores or raw data? I'm not comparing it to other studies, so I would like to use the raw data scores...?