Using PSPP to convert .SAV dataset into SAS data format


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I am trying to convert an SPSS .SAV dataset into a SAS dataset using PSPP. Could someone please let me know if this is possible.

We use a survey software that exports data in SPSS .SAV format. We use SAS for our analysis so have to convert the SPSS dataset into SAS. Usually this works fine by importing directly into SAS.

However, when there are French characters in the text, they looked garbled in SAS. When I open the .SAV data file in PSPP, the French text look fine. That is why I am trying to export the SPSS dataset into SAS format via PSPP.

I would appreciate any leads somebody can give to accomplish this task.



It is possible in R (download it for free) and import the file into R using:

First read it in with the foreign package (LINK)
and then export it out:

quick-R said:
# write out text datafile and
# an SAS program to read it
write.foreign(mydata, "c:/mydata.txt", "c:/",   package="SAS")