Using svar and irf create with panel Data

Dear all,

I'm a graduate student and unfortunately I must run a Svar on a panel of 500 firms:


The problem that I have is how to store the results. To collect coefficients I used:

statsby _b _se estimates, by(id) basepop(id == 1): svar dsal demp, lreq(C) lags(1/2)

And it works perfectly. The problem is that I need the irf results as well. I've tried:

for values i=1/500 {svar dsal demp, lreq(C) lags(1/2) if id==i

irf create i if id==i}

(I've tried adding commas and such, but does not work either)
Where the irfs would be stored with the name i. Unfortunately it does not get to the point of creating the irfs, it just states "option if not allowed". I have tried with a similar code to get Stata to store the estimates, in this case it reports "option store not allowed"

Is there any other command that I could use to store the irfs, other than doing it by hand? I have checked hom much time I spend on collecting one of the irfs and its about 3 minutes, so I'm looking at 25 hours of collecting them.

Thanks in advance,