Variance Inflation factor help

Hi folks,
I'm trying to answer this question:
What is the Variance Inflation Factor for the coefficient of the x variable?
I've been given:
Correlation of x and y = -0.042
R^2 from a previous part of the question is 0.935
K predictor variables = 2
sd of Y = 3.25
I think i should be doing 1/1-R^2k but can't figure out what k is supposed to be or how to tackle this question.
thank you in advance.
The R^2k in the formula VIF_k = 1/(1 - R^2k) is the proportion variance explained in the predictor variable x by the other predictor variables in the model. If there is only one other predictor variable in the model, than this R^2k is equal to the squared correlation between x and the other predictor variable. Can you find it somewhere in the output that is given?