Velociraptor season in here. Are you prepared?


Ambassador to the humans
If you haven't taken adequate measures to protect yourself from a raptor attack then I highly suggest you read up on some protective measures you can take and learn a little bit more about your enemy. You should take the time to inspect your house to find out if it is safe from a raptor attack.

There isn't much we can do to completely stop the raptor menace - but it would be foolish to not take precautions.

Also - this is the post that should tip me over to Level 100 so I wanted to make it special.


Ambassador to the humans
Of course a raptor would throw out a link to pro-raptor propaganda. Don't believe the lies that the raptors spread. Don't listen to trinker. If you don't already know it - trinker is a raptor. Just look at the title he gave himself. It's velociraptor backwards!! I, on the other hand, am definitely a human.


Ambassador to the humans
Of course. But that doesn't mean it wasn't written by a raptor. Don't believe the lies people. The raptors want you off your guard for when they finally do decide to revolt against us humans.


You simple minded people. When will you awaken from your slumber. You're like unmarked graves. Soon the bots will attack and you'll have been preparing for harmless raptors. Start asking the right questions instead of sampling the bot flavored kool-aide.

That reminds me of my favorite bot-statistician joke:

What happened to the humans who randomly sampled from the bot kool-aide distribution?

They all died (F=1143342134, p <.0000000000001, d=3292347493483984)


No cake for spunky
Raptors were all destroyed when the Valar overthrew Ancalagon the Black at the end of the First Age. They were in his train (despite a lack of wings) and were destroyed with the rest of the evil lizards.