Virtual Desktop. Has anybody heard of it?

Hi guys, our company is just a small enterprise that has just been starting. So definitely, we do not have any budget to secure IT needs we require for our online business. We have heard of Virtual desktop and we we became interested considering we can just use our own laptops and handheld devices. This seems to be an alternative substitute without sacrificing the quality of service we can give our clients

Has anyone heard of this new innovation/services? Or is it really new in the first place?
Hello Praise,

Hosted Virtual Desktop is an ideal solution if you want to eliminate internal IT management teams as the hosting provider will take care of the hardware/software update, backup recovery etc. This will provide greater IT flexibility and enable anyone to access the desktop and applications and data on it anywhere and from any device.

Cloud Desktop Online has been providing its solution and services for more than 10 years now and the subscription plans starts from $25/month.
Hi, nope! Sorry, its kinda new to me that's why I went ahead and researched about it immediately online. Anyway, I've read something like a desktop as a service. It is in connection with improving data security and primarily something that would be reliable for any desktop problems. But, I'm not sure about it. However, I see that there are a recommendations listed. I advise that you tried researching it too and read some reviews or either contact them directly to know more.


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Virtual Desktop can mean multiple things, but I typically interpret it to be running your software/processing on a server not your local machine. It is not new, though there probably are new companies offering services.

Think about it, if you are familiar, as the computer programs available at universities. Students can access multiple programs remotely/off-campus by logging into an account. To do it yourself, I believe it can be expensive - but it may be more cost friendly for small business to pay for the services. The companies would just need to be comfortable running their data on a server that is not their own.