We did an experiment and don't know how to start/proceed with statistics?

We had to do an experiment in my research methods class. Me and my group did an experiment where we tested if participants remembered words better with or without pictures that match the words.
So now we have two sets of data: One set with the number of words they remembered and one set with the number of words they remembered when the words were paired with pictures.

Now we simply have no idea what to do, we never did statistics and my professor explains literally nothing. I know that we have to know if our hypothesis (that words can be better remembered with photos) is true or must be rejected.

How can we know if we can reject the null hypothesis? Like how do I even proceed/what do I do with our two data sets?

I hope someone can tell me!

Thank you and sorry if my English sucks
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If the two groups consisted of different subjects, you could use a 2-sample t-test. If the subjects receiving both treatments were the same, you would use a paired t-test. Technically, you have Poisson (count) data, but if the counts are in the ballpark of 10 or higher, the normal approximation will allow you to use these tests. If not, you can use a 2-sample Poisson test in place of the 2-sample t-test. If paired, calculate the delta and use the 1-sample Poisson.


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For a really simple test you can do a test of proportion I would think. Where you test the proportion that remembered with the cards versus the proportion that remembered when they did not have the cards. You are testing the null they are the same proportion [and thus testing if the cards mattered since if the proportion is the same the cards made no difference].


I don't think you have to know the standard deviation or assume normality to do this test unlike the t test.


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If you have a couple of typos and use the word "sucks", well your English is better than mine :)

As referenced, how many participants did you have? Did each person get both types of words? If not did randomization occur? Did you have a protocol that ensured everyone was treated the exact same with the exact some ordering of words, etc.? In general, give us more details!