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Anybody here read webcomics on a regular basis?

I'm particularly fond of xkcd, Questionable Content, and Penny Arcade.

There's a couple other ones that I've followed in the past but either lost interests in or just fell behind and never bothered to dig through the archives. I've been trying to catch up on Phd Comics but I'm only on 777 out of the 1300 or so. I used to follow Homestar Runner and every now and then I get a chuckle by visiting the site but it's no longer a part of my routine.

How about you guys? Any good ones I should check out?


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I don't have any suggestions to offer, but am also a big fan of XKCD and Questionable Content - I even have a Coffee of Doom t-shirt :cool:
I think this is the best thread i can post my very first 'post' to.

PhD Comics is my no:1 reading, particularly now that I am writing my own thesis and struggling at it!

It soothes my mind and gently removes my 'thesis-depression' when I realise I am not alone with thesis writer's block on the planet.


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Welcome to the forums. I haven't made any progress with Phd comics since I posted that initial one but I plan to get up to date at some point. I'm sure I'll be feeling that slump you talk about sometime in the near future. As for now I'm just trying to get through the phd core classes.