Webpage designer/maker


Does anyone have a good open source web page designer that I can use to make an upload a webpage?

I'd prefer it not make me learn any code and (booo me!) be clicky and pointy. I don't care to learn web page design, it's just that I get free web page space from the university so why not.


Probably A Mammal
Does the web space allow you to upload anything to their server? Like, are you given your own directory? Usually when you get a web host, like a Linux one, they create your website as a segment on their Linux file tree, like a user home directory. You then use that directory to do all your website stuff, upload your files, etc. If so, you can upload the Wordpress files, as long as the server meets the minimum requirements (a database and PHP, e.g.). You can then use WP as your content management system. Seriously, it can't be easier than that. You pick a theme and use a dashboard to point-and-click your way to a pretty web page. That is what mine is based on. I've taken the time, though, to start learning the HTML and PHP to really start making adjustments. It's like learning a whole new language, though, because WP is its own entire system with its own core functions and such. Using that functionality, you can really adjust and create a very nice website customized to your needs and do it all from the login screen. I've been impressed with how developed WP has become.