Weighing male/female responses (30/70 distribution)

Hi all!

I've got a question. I received 617 responses to a questionnaire however, 445 of them are female (72%). There are two ways to fix this:

1. I could remove 230 female respondents from my data set, bringing my sample back to 385 people. This would leave me with 44% male and 56% female, which would still not be ideal and I would lose massive amounts of beautiful data (I only have 172 male respondents :( )

2. I could assign a certain weight to each respondent. However, because of the large difference between male/female respondents, I'm afraid my data won't be representative anymore.

I could also just separate males and females for the questions I want to answer, thus avoiding a group average :) But this won't look nice in the report, so I'd rather not.

So, the question for you guys: What would you do to make this sample more representative?

Down weight the the women so that their sum of weight is 0.5. That will also mean that each individual man will have a higher weight.

Don't throw away any data. Of course it is an advantage to have a larger sample, than a smaller!

(The result is an effect of that women are more friendly and more responsible (no kidding))

...and I would lose massive amounts of beautiful data
(You could keep only the females. Then you would ony have "beautiful data" [joke! :) ] )