weighting help!

Hi there, was wondering if somebody could help me. I've have to weight my sample. My sample size is about 8000 and I have to weight this against the country's population and age group. My problem is this has to be done in stata and I have no idea how the data is to be organised. Would be very grateful if somebody can help me. Many thanks
Hi Robo,

I have no idea about Stata, but in general the population weights are produced by dividing the population figures by the number of people interviewed in the survey.

For example,

the population contained exactly 2,500,000 women and same number of men, but the sample contained, say, 600 women and 400 men.

So, the weight for women becomes 2,500,000/600=4,167 (approx)
And for the men 2,500,000/400=6,250