What analysis do I use best? (SPSS)

Hi all

I'm doing research on pay in function of degree (master vs. doctorate) and gender (man vs. woman).

My research consists of 1 dependent variable: salary (salary varies from 210 euro to 12.000 euro in absolute numbers) and 1 independent variable degree (master vs. doctorate) and 1 moderator gender (man vs. woman).

I would also like to add some control variables to this analysis such as:
- age
- sector
- contract-type
- etc.

These control variables are all nominal.

my hypotheses are as follows
- people with a doctorate earn more than people with a master's degree --> so the higher your degree, the higher the pay
- men deserve more than women
- men with PhDs earn more than women with PhDs

What statistical analysis can I perform on them? I need to use SPSS.