What are age effects?


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Well, having achieved the age of senior citizen, I can enumerate some of these from a sample of one.

Up to a certain age: height, weight and coordination, and other things
Up to other ages: vision, absolute sense of knowing everything, memory for some.

The list is very large.

You haven't told us what data you have. I'll bet an examination of the contents would immediately answer your question.
Age effects and age groups

DAV obviously is biased given his admittance of a sample of 1 and contextualizing the question (hilarious... "knowlege of everything" was priceless :p)

In addition to what he suggested, look closely at your variable "age". How was this data collected? A continuous measure or categorical? You may want to compare findings based on any age groups - either given in an existing categorial measure or created by you (e.g. young versus old, young old versus old old... yes, that is official terminology, gen x versus boomers, etc.)