what did you learn first: ANOVA or Regression?

What did you learn first, ANOVA or Regression?

  • I took ANOVA first and then Regression

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  • I took Regression first and then ANOVA

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for didactic purposes i wanted to see in which order were people taught these methods.

within the social sciences its customary to teach ANOVA first and then move on to Multiple Regression

but i'm pretty sure that in other areas (e.g. Statistics) you learn Regression first and then ANOVA as part of the Design Of Experiments course.

which one did you learn first in school?


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I learned a bit about ANOVA as part of second-year research methods course in undergrad psych. The first paper I took that was directly focused on stats was called Multivariate Data Analysis. It had a brief mention of ANOVA in the intro, then multiple linear regression as one of the four major topics (along with factor analysis, MANOVA, and discriminant analysis). So my experience is along the lines of ANOVA > then regression.

I don't necessarily think that's best though. It would make more sense to me to learn the big general framework first (i.e., linear models). Then later learn things like some of the specific complexities that come up more often in the ANOVA context (like planned comparisons and repeated measures).
within the social sciences its customary to teach ANOVA first and then move on to Multiple Regression
As an undergrad psych major ANOVA was far more emphasized and in both elementary and intermediate stats, and regression was always just about the last topic covered on the syllabus. I got only a bare bones understanding of regression out of undergrad.

In my MA psych program there was an ANOVA class and a regression class, of which we were only required to take one, and I took them concurrently.

FWIW, when we were taught that "ANOVA is actually just a special case of regression", I think this concept would have been clearer at the time had I learned regression first. Actually, I wish they framed it as a year long course in the GLM with a lot more emphasis on the "sameness" of ANOVA and regression, like what seems to be done in some PhD programs.


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As an undergrad in psych I think we did simple regression, then ANOVA, then multiple regression. In grad school we did multiple regression before ANOVA.


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thank you. i have now gathered enough data to squeeze myself out of the demand of tutoring 2 students.

your contributions to this extremely scientific poll are greatly appreciated. you have all helped make the world a better place.