What distribution is better in these situations?

I'm new in statistics and probability and I'm a little lost about what distribution is better in these situations:

  • If a tumor is malignant or not --> Bernouilli
  • Number of entries in an emergency service during a night, know that on average 20 entries are observed per night. --> Poisson
  • Tumor size after extraction--> ????
  • Number of patients with a malignant tumor in groups of 15 patients-> ????

Thanks in advance!!


Not a robit
I agree with the first two. The second may be approximate normal with average and sample size gets larger.

Third seems to too vague, if it is random sample of sizes - normal distribution

Fourth - Binomial?


Not a robit
Because I am stat stupid.Series of Bernoulli trials. That and it had not been used yet. I could easily be wrong though.

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