What do you for a living?

Just curious what sort of people we have here. Are you:

A undergrad or grad student (any PhDs?)?
A postdoc/research fellow?
A lecturer/professor?
Government/Industrial statistician?

I am a recent PhD graduate (pharmacology) and have just started another degree in stats. I also work full time for the government as an analyst. I just happened to come across this forum and have been amazed at the knowledge and generosity around here. So I just thought I'd pose the question above.
Cheers :D
Silvanus, there are very few people who post here to this sub forum.

I work as a Statistical Analyst for an HR services firm. I'm working on the actuarial exams and a master's by distance.

Edit: I'm now going to be a Insititutional Research Analyst at UFV and do consulting with my original firm.
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I'm graduated almost 3 years ago (PhD in Industrial Engineering with Major in Statistics). I work as a statistical analyst for major railroad company. Primarily my job right now is on modeling and forecasting (regression, time series, etc). They actually have tons of interesting statistical/mathematical problems.

Although NSA/CIA/KGB are really evil organization I bet math/stats problems they face are totally cool, I would love to work on them :)

I understand Oppenheimer and Co, and I would make a nuke, just for the heck of it :D


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Good Idea Silvanus. I did MSc Statistics and M.Tech in Quality Reliability and operation research.

Currently I am working in an MNC as Business statistician.
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Usability engineering / experimental psychology

great question. I work as a consultant in usability engineering for web and application design. Also develop surveys and various other psychophysical experiments


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I think the lack of response is due to the fact that people put this info (or whatever they want to share) in their profile. I work as a Senior QA Engineer for a large consumer packaged goods company.

It is interesting to note that as a statistician, I am supposed to be interested in studying and analyzing variation, but as a QA Engineer, I am being paid to abhor variation and design systems to eliminate and/or minimize it....:D
I am a professor at a small community college. I teach in mathematics, physics and the occasional intro stats course. I'm a small fry basically.

I am also just completing another degree in geophysics.


side note to John: you can't eliminate variation until after you study it, eh?


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I am an environmental scientist looking at water quality and aquatic invertebrates. A Masters degree in Evoluton and Ecology and a strange fascination / obsession with statisitcs; though my intersest is faaar greater than my actual understanding!

I am an undergrad student @ penn state
and i work fulltime at a grocery store. lol. practicing absolutely nothing i am learning. haha.
I got my PhD in Biobehavioral Health (kinda like biopsychology with some health psychology/intervention stuff covered too). Had to take 5 stats courses and I've done some since. Actually working as an information analyst at a U Psychiatry Dept. Underemployed by choice (small children at home) - hope to start moving up the academic research ladder in the next year or so. I work on prevention/intervention research now...

(jlg5308 - WE ARE..... got the PhD at Penn State)