What does it mean if my Pearson r correlation is not significant?

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So ive got a sample size of 400 Uni students, measuring a correlation between stress and exercise levels in minutes, and I received a non-significant results. Can anybody help explain why this is the case? Im having trouble interpreting it.


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It could mean several things. First, there is simply not enough evidence that there is a relationship between stress and exercise level. This lack of evidence could be caused by 1) no relationship exists; 2) the relationship exists but is too weak to detect with the sample size; 3) the measurement system is too noisy and obscures the relationship. Second, there is a relationship, but that relationship is not a linear relationship. Start by plotting your data. If there appears to be a non-linear relationship, try a Spearman's rho correlation instead of Pearson's r. The Spearman's rho can detect a monotonically curved relationship, which Pearson's r cannot.


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Also, how is stress level collected and formatted?

I strongly agree with Miner's recommendation of plotting your data. Start with a scatterplot.