What graphs should I use in representing comparison in reaction times!

Good day!

I'm trying to represent three scenarios using reaction time through graphing after collecting data.

I. Male vs Female
II. Right hand vs Left hand
III. Both eyes vs One eye


Using spreadsheets, I created these for the "Both Eyes and One Eye". Everything felt so wrong when I couldn't interpret my data. I mainly tried using a scatter plot because line graphs represent an ongoing trend.

This graph represents the comparison of having both eyes in action vs. one eye in action. Data gathered suggests that having both eyes open performs better because it has a faster reaction time rate.

Above is what I wrote for description.


This one is for male vs female. I see that the female side has a higher peak but the men are higher than the females. I've realized that I'm supposed to show which side is better than the other so using bar and pie graphs are out of question.

Should I put in the names or the x-axis title should be something else?
Did I use the appropriate tables?
How could I better represent comparisons through graphs?

Thank you for your time!

Note: This is actually a physics project but this forum is more appropriate for my question, I think?


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The values on your X-axis seem to be categorical variables. However nice these graphs look, I may recommend using bar charts as not to confuse the reader.