What if half of data is not normally distributed?

My experiment is to test the different diets (Pk, Hg, BYD & Control) in order to check the development of insect, what are the most preferred diets by insect. For this purpose, I used 3 parameters; time (days) taken from larval to adult stage (LA), Pupal weight (PW) and Number of adults recovered (ADLT). I have mixed count data, half normally distributed and half not normally distributed according to shapiro-wilk test, but skewness & kurtosis values are following normal distribution. Moreover, nonparametric test (Kruskal wallis with Dunn's post hoc) giving weird results compared to ANOVA results. So, which test should I apply on my data ?
I've also attached fig of shapiro-wilk test values.
Faray Stat.png