What if you try to install a package and nothing happens....


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I ran install.packages((ggfortify) and got a plus forever.....

Not sure at what point you decide its not going to run and given up. Or how you can tell R to quit trying rather than having to open a new session.

Well I guess escape works. That package apparently won't install on my system.


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A + at the beginning of the row means you never actually finished your command. Check hot many opening parenthesis you put and compare to the number of closing parenthesis you put. They don't match. It's waiting for more input.


No cake for spunky
Absolutely I am using Rstudio and it does help a lot for someone used to a GUI (I use SAS historically through enterprise guide although thankfully I code it as well as SQL so I am not totally new to programing).

The learning curve is a lot for R. Learning how to read the documentation in the packages has been a bit overwhelming.