What is the best descriptive stats to present this data

I have a table where the major categories are on the columns and they total to 100% for each column. Then the subcategories are on the rows and each row total to 100%. I am looking for a descriptive stats tool that can do a comparison column-wise and row-wise at the same time? Or am I asking for too much?
Example: For each row, the stats tool shows the distribution and at the same time shows how each row value compares to the column mean.


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You just want descriptive no inferential statistics? Can you desribe these data in more detail: what is the sample size, how many categories, are the row and column catergories the same, you mention means?

Probably looking at some kind of window pane presentation - you can do histograms in window panes. Perhaps correlation matrix. I think we need much more information to better help you.
I don't think you need that much information. It's just a table. The columns are general categories while the rows are specific categories. Each column total goes to 100% and each row total is also 100%.
I want to do a comparison of the values in the table by columns AND rows.
Maths | Science | English
Student1 1 4 5
Student2 2 6 7
Student3 3 8 9

From the table above, I want a descriptive stats tool that can compare for the students AND the subjects at the same time.
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