what is the most honest way to divide the prize?

Two men play some game several times till 10 wins. From the beginning each of them puts 500$ for the final prize. At the score 7:4 they stopped playing, what is the most honest way to divide the prize
Honest, here meaning fair, is subjective. You could say that's 7/10ths of a win versus 4/10ths of a win. You could say that the lower scorer would need to score 6 wins before the opponent scored 3, and look at it that way. You could just break it up into 11ths. You could give it all to the man in the lead. Doesn't seem related to probability (unless there is more to the question regarding the odds of winning a game), but I'm a total troglodyte. Hope you get a more helpful answer?

Also, you are supposed to show you put in effort to solve the problem.
I think is about odds, so i found the odds for the leader to win after 7 games (i am not sure i calculate all the chances of one to win) and the second one but i am a little bit confuse how to split the prize...
maybe you have an a idea