What kind of statistical analysis can we do with Statistical Averages (Mean, Median, Standard deviation)

I have 5 variables (Median of Var1, Mean of var2, stddev of var2, Threshold of Var2, Avg of top 5 values of var2) for single dataset. I have to do some statistical analysis on this 5 variables to find something meaningful from the dataset.

First, I thought of finding something meaningful from the statistical averages (Mean, Median, Mode, Average). But I didn't get anything from that. So, now I have this statistical averages in my hand. My doubt is what kind of analysis can I do on the statistical averages?



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what is also not clear is, how can you have multiple parameters? What information was provided? Are these parameters for repeated measures or groups? If more info available you could do ttest or one-sample ttests. But you could do a dot whisker plot based on means and Stds.


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find something meaningful from the dataset.
A question that can be answered: 4 out of 5 occurences of var2 fall into what range?
Another question that can be answered: At what point can you be reasonably certain a given value of var2 didn't come from the sampled population?
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