What kind of statistical analysis should I use?

Hi, hello! Sooo, long story short, my research paper implies an intervention for reducing the high risk sexual behaviours of people who use dating apps. I intend to use only one experimental group and a control one and see the effect my intervention had on them after 8 weeks. Should I be using the repetead measures ANOVA design for this or is there any other statistical analysis I should be using?


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It largely depends on the nature of your dependent variable(s). How is "high risk sexual behaviours" measured,
and do you have meaningful baseline data for "high risk sexual behaviours"?

Moreover, how large will your groups be, and will groups be randomized?

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The high risk behaviours will be assesed using a scale that measures the frequiences of those behaviours in the last 2 months. The whole sample will consist in 81 subjects, randomized in one experimental group, a control group and a placebo group.