What statistical test do I use?


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Hi there, I'm doing a study on the influence of sexuality on a camouflaging questionnaire which has a score rating (0-40), so is an interval variable.

I need to run a regression to see if an individual's age predicts their camouflaging score, and run separate regressions for each sexuality group to see whether there are different relationships between age and camouflaging for different sexuality.

What tests do I run for this on SPSS?

Thanks, really appreciate it!



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Hi there, welcome to Talkstats. I've deleted your other post - try to avoid duplicate posts if you can.

In answer to your question I would say that it sounds like you predict an interaction between age and sexuality. Therefore you can include this interaction in your model rather than running separate regressions. You could also use a mixed/multilevel approach where the effect of age is allowed to vary randomly across the levels of "sexuality".

If you do run separate regressions, keep in mind that you may find that the effect of age is statistically significant in some groups but not in others. But this doesn't necessarily imply that the effect of age is significantly different across those groups. The difference between significant and non-significant is not itself statistically significant.