What statistical test should I use for this data?

Two groups (group A; group B) are given two treatments (M) and (B), and a control (Control) in different orders. Then the weight of food they consume will be recorded.

NB: They are given one treatment (or control), then 15 mins later given another treatment (or control).

Day 1
Group 1 - M-Control
Group 2 - M-B

Day 2
Group 1 - M-B
Group 2 - M-Control

Day 3
Group 1 - Control-Control
Group 2 - Control-B

Day 4
Group 1 - Control-B
Group 2 - Control-Control

I have several questions:

Since there are no different dosages involved, I am assuming I will not be using ANOVA (?). I am just comparing the two means of food intakes between each treatments.

It should therefore be a t-test for difference of two means, dependent samples (paired t-tests) ?

Would this be deemed a crossover study? I think Day 1 and Day 2 are crossovers; Day 3 and Day 4 are cross overs.

Thus, should I be comparing
- Day 1 against Day 2; Day 3 against Day 4
- All against all?
Actually I could use ANOVA right?

I could compare the results for all treatments given to Group 1; compare results for all treatments given to Group 2
Then compare each treatment against each other. Would that make sense though? Please help!