What statistical test should I use?


I am currently working on my thesis proposal and am having to state the proposed methods of my data analysis. I am focusing on two aims: 1) analyzing whether individuals with metabolic syndrome have higher rates of depression; 2) analyzing whether individuals with metabolic syndrome have decreased quality of life over time. My data is longitudinal, however, I will need to look at the first aim in a cross-sectional manner since the data on depression is only available at one point in time for each individual. I believe I am supposed to use regression analysis to assess this aim, but I am not sure. If I plan to compare those with metabolic syndrome to those without, would I still be conducting a regression analysis on both groups of individuals? Or would this require some other test?

Metabolic syndrome is a binary variable (independent) and depression is a continuous variable (dependent), by the way. Thank you in advance.


TS Contributor
Using regression analysis would give you the opportunity to include additional variables into the model, e.g. posiible confounders, which could account for a seeming effect of group membership, or perhaps variables which moderate the relationship between group menmbership and the dependent variable. For a simple 2-group-comparison, linear regression and t-test would be equivalent.

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