What statistical test should I use?


I conducted a field study where I gathered data about the distribution of visitors over the day in a fitness center. The goal of the study was to implement a treatment that would shift visitors from busy time slots to time slots where the fitness hall was significantly less congested. We wanted to achieve an even distribution of visitors over the day to gain a better yield.

The field experiment is now over and I have 2 data sets of 6 weeks (control and treatment) where I have the average amount of fitness visitors for every hour from 7:00 to 23:00 for every single day of those 6 weeks. I want to measure a few things:
a) Did the distribution change at all, and if so, in what parts of the day did visitor amount increase/decrease
b) Did the distribution of visitors become more equal over the day
c) Over the course of the 6 weeks, did the effect of the treatment lessen

How should I tackle this statistical analysis and what methods should I use?


TS Contributor
You could start with multiple graphical displays:
For each day of the week separately, you could display the number of visitors counted at each hour,
by creating box-and-whisker plots. For example, the "Friday" graph contains 16 boxes, representing
the 6 counts for each hour over the 6 weeks.
You can create 7 of these images for the control period, and 7 of them for the treatment period.

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