What statistical test?


I need to analyse a two type of scores about probabilty to die.

Te first one, scores each case (hospitalization) in a ordinal scale (4 itens) .The four levels are numbered sequentially from 1 to 4 indicating, respectively, minor, moderate, major or extreme severity of illnessor risk of mortality.

The second one have two scales. A continuos scale with values from 0,0 to 12,3221 and a ordinal scale from 0 to 3 (1,2 and 3).

Abbrevieate, i have a data like this:

Episode______Status______Score 1______Score 2______*Score 3

So, what are the best or the possible tests to use in this situation?

I need to know what is the best, the most accurate or the best predictor score.

Thanks for help.