What study type it is

I'm measuring expression of a particular gene and comparing it between 30 diseased patients and 15 healthy controls of similar age and sex. I additionally plan to correlate gene expression with disease specific features within patient population (demographic parameters and disease features at the time of presentation, eventually investigate association of expression with outcomes during follow up time). Samples for analyses will be collected as patients appear over one year period.
Is this study:

1. Cross sectional? (considering describing expression profile inside patient population and performing analyses within patient population at the time of disease presentation)
2. Case-control? (considering comparison of expression between patients and controls)
3. Prospective cohort study? (considering eventual correlation of high/low expression with survival or other longitudinally measured events in prospectively collected and followed data-set)

Primary goal would be to show that patients have higher expression than controls
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Since there is cross-sectional nature of data analysis, can this study be considered cross sectional with control group?
Is this legitimate entity?