What test to use?

Hello everyone

I need some help with a statistical analysis of two groups of time variables. So i have an unequal sample size with about 50 times(hour:minute) in one group and about 25 times(hour:minute) in the other group. And i need to determine if there is any significant difference between the time elapsed before the patients from group 1 seeked medical assistance compared to the patients in group two. I was condiering using the t test. Is that the right way to go? Thanx in advance.
Hey felisleo.

Have you heard of time-to-event data analysis? This sounds like the kind of analysis you need.

You can get an idea of this form of analysis by looking at texts on Survival Analysis (which is basically time-to-death analysis) as well as general Time-To-Event analysis present in engineering books or monographs on the subject.

Even though you are not looking at deaths as in Survival Analysis, your situation is still in the form of a time-to-event situation.